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How expulsion Jin and evil spirits

Some people do not recognize the existence of a supernatural being or beings smooth or also called evil spirits. But in fact we often encounter in life
day-to-day, there is a house / place there ghosts or someone with an evil spirit / ghost curious.
These events clearly illustrate that we are living in this world is not just made ​​up of something that is invisible but there are invisible.
Supernatural creatures / spirits that we often encounter everyday are: Jin, Kuntilanak, demons, Tuyul, black magic and so on.
Based on my own experience, supernatural beings-beings who often annoying people can be expelled with:
1. Prayer.
   Pray according to the religion and beliefs of each is the best way. If you are religious Catholics, pray to God and then the Rosary and Protection Prayer To Saint Michael, Saint Michael is the Commander of the kingdom of heaven which was given special powers by God to fight Satan, Jin, smooth and all the evil creatures. Witchcraft or black magic and spells helpless with these prayers.
   Prayer to Saint Michael:
   "Saint Michael, commander of the heavenly kingdom, God has given you the power to cast out demons and evil spirits, help and protect us,
   of disorder demons and evil spirits ........... Amen "
2. Holy Water.
   Holy water that has been prayed by the priest or pastor, is a powerful way to fight the forces of evil, including delicate creatures.
   Sprinkling holy water at places be haunted.
3. Oil pigs and pig bones.
   If somewhere in the house or maybe you felt there penunggunya, try to pray for them. There is a possibility it is a spirit that has not
   got a quiet place. Ghost sightings always mean that they want to communicate something to us, that the prayers.
   If you've prayed many times but the keeper was still survives and remains disturbing, most likely it was Jin.
   Jinn are supernatural beings that humans often used for certain purposes, for example to smooth the business, as a guard, even for nefarious purposes.
   Try it with pork oil or pork bones. Apply one or two drops of oil every pig in the corner, above the door and in the corners,at the gate / gate, wooden ceiling, as well as in the corners of the front and rear. Jin, Tuyul and other fine creatures will not dare
   bother you again. Tuyul usually afraid of pig bones. Jin Tuyul is shaped a little boy roughly about 2 years old that is in use
   to steal money or jewelry.
   Put a piece of pork bone above the door, tuyul would not dare to enter your home.
   Jin can be used by certain people for no good purpose as hypnotizing someone or affect a person's mind by making drowsy.
   To prevent this, apply one or two drops of oil on the pig stuff that always backs you everywhere you go, for example:
   Belt, dab on a hidden part of the belt, especially in the head belt hidden in the space so that the oil does not hog
   quickly disappear. For women who always wear jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and so on, apply the hidden jewels
   them. So it is with slippers and shoes, apply a little oil in the folds pig hidden seam.
   If the items are attached to the body we have been given pork oil, it will not dare to approach Jin.
   If you want pork oil settled permanently in our bodies, take pork oil 1 drop once a week.

   Common signs of someone who is always disturbed or influenced by Jin:
   Someone is always dreamy, lazy to move, often talking to himself even laughing / crying without cause, angry for no reason,
   and the most severe is possessed.

   How to make pork oil:
   Purchase pork fat in a particular supermarket or kiosk selling pork. Wash first, then put in a pan and heat it on the stove with fire
   small. Let it slowly melt fat pig. Refrigerate and enter into a clean bottle, cover tightly, ready to use pork oil.

4.Jeruk Suanggi or lime or lemon juice.
  Kuntilanak is delicate creatures that his form of a woman with long hair covering her face, cold-faced, dressed in a long white and laughter
  creepy. In other areas too Kuntilanak commonly called Pontianak.Very sharp citrus smell is anti than Kuntilanak. Belahlah one orange into two parts, each part with a skewer stick.
  Then place in a normally Kuntilanak appeared. Replace with a fresh orange every 1 month.

5. Mirror.
    Delicate creatures afraid of seeing himself. Place a mirror on the front of each door so delicate creatures will not dare to approach.

There are some people who actually use the services of Jin, Tuyul or other supernatural beings for personal gain. Although this is clearly about religion,
because it means double the Lord. Jin usually used to facilitate an attempt to get rich quick, fast riding position, eg Arabic jinn (djinn
taken from the Arabic). Tuyul usually used to steal other people's money.People who do so will bear a very heavy responsibility in the afterlife.
I have a real experience, when one of my friends who had a grocery business nearly went bankrupt.
My friend's efforts slowly started no more customers, the verge of closing total. Previously, many customers are always asking:
"Why shop door is always closed?". Though my friend opened his store every day while in the eyes of customers shop door is always closed.
My friend and I then analyze it. We came to the conclusion that there is something strange in this.
Then we give the oil pigs in each corner of the room, every door and even on the front page the store. Soon customers began to arrive again.
Competition in business is often the case, but sometimes arise unfair competition. As my friend was in a natural, his efforts were almost bankrupt
apparently because the barrier - prevented by supernatural beings (Jin) submissions from competitors.

So at a glance info from me, I hope all this is useful for you.


If you do not mind please sincerity for this donation, thank you:

P Alfred Kawatak
Bank Danamon Indonesia
Kawi- Malang
Jawa Timur - Indonesia

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